Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brighu at Thiruneermalai

This temple is more than 2000 years old by construction. And this sthalam dates to Dwapara yuga. Sriman Narayana is present here in 4 of His Divya roopams, “Nindraan”, “Irundhaan”, “Kidanthaan”, “Nadanthaan” (Standing, Sitting, Sleeping (laying, actually said), walking). Sri Neervanna Perumal for “Nindraan” kolam, Sri Nrisimhar for “Irundhaan”, Sri Renganatha Perumal for ”Kidanthaan”, and Sri Thrivikramar for “Nadanthaan” are present to bless the devotees.
If one prays here in Thiruneermalai, he/she gets the benefit of praying in Naachiyar koil, Thiruvaali, Thiru-Kudanthai, and Thirukoilur divya desams, says “Thirumangai Azhwar”. Benefits of praying in Srirangam and Tirupathi are bestowed on devotees, says “Boothath azhwar”. Purana also says, that being happy on tapas done by Rishis like Brighu, Markandeya, and Vaalmiki, Lord Mahavishnu appeared in this kshethram to bless them. Brahmanda purana has references to this place. In Dwapara yuga, only two hills, Ahobilam and this one were present. After the pralayam, Arjuna did an Ashwamedha Yaagam here, on which Narasimha gave him darshan, since He was pleased.

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